Learning Markdown

What you will learn?

  • What is Markdown & why its useful
  • Example syntax
  • Which Markdown editor to use & how to install

What?  Markdown is a Markup Language (ML) to add formatting to plain text documents.  Created by John Gruber & Aaron Swartz in 2004.

Why? I was familiar with it, used in GitHub read me file with .md extension (README.md).  Increased productivity as its quick to write / blog documents in plain text with nice formatting, including use of code blocks.

Previewing Markdown

  • On sublime: ctrl + shift + p
  • On atom: ctrl + shift + m

Example syntax

Markdown Cheatsheet – quick reference
Markdown Guide – reference guide
Mastering Markdown – GitHub version

Markdown editor & usage

Best Markdown editor for linux – Atom, Remarkable, GNU Emacs, ReText, Sublime.  Decided to use Sublime as I already have it installed on my Linux / Mac platforms.

How to edit Markdown in Sublimectrl+shift+p to call up Command Pallete, then type Markdown Preview in Browser, select “Markdown Preview” & “markdown” or “github” (depending on which markdown version) & hit enter => markdown displays on browser.